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Agilewits Solutions started in 2010, as a set of free thinking professionals from diverse fields with a wide range of expertise. Commitment to work has always been our forte. During these initial years we have emerged as a group of technocrats in the field of training and development with a considerably good insight on the current industrial requirements. Agilewits Solutions is research and development house for Software development and Embedded Technology. It was started with a vision to be a leading provider of technology expertise and solutions for the converging world of telecommunications, power electronics and electronic instruments and solar and wireless and automation technologies.

Agilewits Solutions has evolved into a company with a perfect blend of highly experienced and skilled technical teams in software development and hardware design, which can churn out specifications to a complete product or part of the product life cycle.

Agilewits Solutions leverages the capabilities of its three specialized technology groups to provide comprehensive product design and support services for embedded products and equipment.

The services offered by Agilewits Solutions can be categorized as:
  • Design Services directly related to new product design and development, feature enhancement, etc
  • Embedded Systems
  • Augmentation Services which support the customers product development, maintenance, Testing and Temp Staffing effort
Embedded Systems Design Services
  • Hardware Development
  • Algorithms development and optimization of code for DSPs
  • Embedded Software development / porting and optimization for specific targets (real time and non real time environments)
  • Firmware Design and Development
  • Protocols stacks and related communications software development
Augmentation Services
  • Product and Application Testing Services
  • Onsite Staff Augmentation Services
  • Product Maintenance and Support Services

Agilewits Solutions offers PCB Design, board design and Embedded Product Development Services. We can deliver high quality multi layer high-speed PCB designs, taking into consideration of real-world

we are one of the reputed manufacturers and suppliers of AC variable frequency drives, Insulation tester and Solar Sinewave Inverter Designs...

Agilewits Solutions offers specialized semiconductor design services aimed at supporting design, verification, bring-up and validation of silicon devices as on industries requirements...

This inverter is a very robust design which will not fail in any extreme conditions.If 440V is applied to the AC input, it will not fail. It will indicate high voltage ....